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girls from the park resale shop san diego california

My sister and I spent part of our childhood living in a trailer park in Lakeside, California in the mid 70’s. . . El Dorado Trailer Park was a maze of single and double wide trailers within an old Pecan orchard inhabited by families of every nationality. . . It was surrounded by a back field of boulders to climb on, gnarly pepper trees to build forts in, and plenty of dirt to make mud bombs with. . . We had a creek to build bridges over and catch crawdads in. . . We played dodgeball, rode skateboards without helmets, rode bikes off jumps, ate raw pecans, visited our neighbors pet racoon, swam and dived with bathing caps on, got picked FIRST, and ran from a dog named Thunder. . .

We were girls that played hard, got dirty, and took dares. . .

We were and still are the “Girls from the Park”. . .

girls from the park resale shop


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