Whats at the Park Right Now…

Moms, turn that car around..forget the mall.!!!
Just in…20 pieces of Abercrombie and Hollister…6 pairs of skinny jeans size 12 slim girls, 6 pairs of cute shorts size 8 girls in jean and multiple colors, and a bunch of cute abercrombie & hollister shirts! All in excellent condition and super low prices..priced $4 to $24!

Pretty good “fakie” Chanel bag…If you cant afford the real thing, come get this beauty for $45…..

Vintage leather lace up chunky heel boots..They just got back from the shoe spa (needed a little work)…..Now they are even more fantastic! size 6 1/2… $30..

Giorgio Armani classic coat and pumps…Who says a girl from the park can’t be
classy..and sassy at the same time? Coat sz 38 for $65…shoes sz 8 for $24


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